Hour of Power Staff

CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board, Mike. Mike has enjoyed a long tenure as a college student. He is the creator and developer of the application and he also currently maintains the website. He also has to kick his fellow hour of power coworkers in the ass to get them to do anything. In fact, currently one of them is sitting on the couch next to him doing absolutely nothing while he writes this.
Vice President, Hacim. Hacim is responsible for most the creativity on the site. He is in charge of most of the content, but again Mike has trouble getting his lazy ass to do anything.
Vice President of Research, Nate Nate attracts an ungodly amount of woman and everyone hates him for it. He also does all the research when it comes to the application. His research includes but is not limited to choosing the best beer while playing, finding the appropriate shot glasses for the game, and finding out how many women one man can get with in one night.
Vice President of Couch Sitting, Hubitch. We are not really sure what Adam does, but he does surprise us by showing up to bars drunk when we lease expect it. We love the guy.
image n/a Vice President of Marketing, Fish Fish is the newest member to the team. He brings an MBA to the table and 8 years of higher learning. He is full of great ideas but lacks in following through. For instance his picture and short bio was supposed to be turned in within 2 weeks of his positional announcements... he has been with the team for 5 months.