Hour of Power - Intro

Welcome to the World’s #1 Free Drinking Game! All you have to do to buzz up before dropping a riciculous $9 a beer at a bar is start this little baby up. Direct it to your own MP3 directory, and let the party begin.

For those of you who have never heard of Hour-of-Power this is your lucky day. It’s a simple concept: drink one shot of beer per minute for 60 minutes to your favorite tunes.

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Game Features

110% Free Drinking Game!

This is a 110% FREE program provided by college students who wanted to leave something behind for all the college folk- there are NO hidden costs. There is absolutely, positively NO SPYWARE acompanied with this program. The more you play, and the more you tell all your friends (or people you meet while wasted at a bar) the longer this site and program will stick around. Enjoy, and tip back a few for us! (And no, 110% does not mean we pay you for using it- Ha!)